After more than a decade in Development

is announcing the world's first Fuel-Free Generator.

The Fuel-Free Magnatron Generator actually produces electricity from the speed and power of its Magnetic Mechanical Forces.

WE World Magnatron Generators

will be available in 3 sizes:

WE World Magnatron Generators

can be combined to achieve an even greater higher electricity output.
For example, a 2-Megawatt system installation will consist of (4) - 500kWh Units

WE World Energy Magnatron Generator


WE World Energy Savings Program:

  • A 100 kWh generator will produce 72,000 kWh each month.
  • We World Energy will guarantee power production.
  • As a Customer, you will pay a $4,950 monthly equipment lease for each 100 kWh generator (installed with no upfront cost)
  • $4,950 yields 72,000 kWh = 6.875 cents per Kilowatt hour (with no escalation)
  • Simple 1-page application with 24-hour approval, to qualify for our Pre-Order program and to lock-in your price for energy.

WE World Energy is a Global Leader in breakthrough

Water & Energy Technologies.

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  • The Magnatron is available on a lease basis only. No major investment required.
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  • This is the first step to reducing your energy cost by as much as 50%*
  • Reservations are subject to lease approval and other conditions from the manufacturer.

Pre qualification process is simple and locks in your position to receive your generator.

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